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MORE: Get the Scoop on Jacob Roloff’s New Spin-off!Despite a rocky start, the two have moved on successfully and have even started dating new people!Jeremy and his wife are having a girl, and Zach and his wife are having a little boy. Another thing that will be talked about this season is the fact that Matt Roloff is now dating his farm manager. “We went to the doctor’s yesterday — it’s not for sure, but all the limbs are measuring below average.” Next, Amy tells the camera about a new development.Before they were a couple, Caryn worked as the farm manager at Roloff Farms, the pumpkin farm outside of Portland where the reality TV family both lives and works.

Check out everything you need to know about Matt’s new leading lady!“Broke away for a day of relaxing at the beautiful Oregon coast. Amy Roloff is dating a man named Chris, who hasn’t been shy about the fact that they are together.Is anybody else doing something special this spring break? “Moments are important and necessary to stay connected, develop and strengthen relationships and to stay connected w/ yourself.Amy is seen talking about it and is obviously hurt by it. Now that they’re dating, of course, that’s hurtful.” Amy Roloff has already moved on and started dating someone new as well.recently shared, Matt Roloff is moving on and dating Caryn. He recently shared a post of the two of them together. It’s very exciting to such a wonderful persons be a positive companion in my life,” he replied to a fan who asked about the relationship.

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The company's pitch to Matt is that there's something far more valuable than monetary compensation ...

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