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A more convenient way to play your games, Homebrews and EMUs using other forms of Media.

The most powerful consoles with mods that cannot be disabled by an online update.

Bricking your Wii is something that cannot happen anymore with the modchips we stock like Wode, Drivekey, etc. Ok, sounds good, how do I get a modchip in machine?

As soon as you open your Wii, your warranty with Nintendo is voided.

Ones that can be modded to play burnt media, and those that cannot (but can still be modded, keep reading! On the bottom of your Wii you will find a serial number starting with LAH (newer Wiis have different letters to start, this means you MUST use the WODE) Anything under LAH1162 is classified as an "OLD" Wii. The "NEW" wiis have a dvd drive that currently (and probably forever) cannot be hacked.

In 2011 onwards I guess we can just split Wiis up in 2 categories.

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