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1 – For some reason one of the bandcamp embeds is not working in my post.I have the plugin, and I followed the directions, but for some reason only one of the embeds is working. 2 – My twitter feed widget is not working correctly.WP to Twitter uses a customizable Tweet template for Tweets sent when updating or editing posts and pages or custom post types. Visit the WP to Twitter translation site to see how complete the current translations are. Work on WP to Twitter translations at the Word Press translation site! This is better for everybody, since the responses are much more likely to be up to date!You can customize your Tweet for each post, using custom template tags to generate the Tweet. Writing and maintaining a plug-in is a lot of work.If you’re on Twitter, this plugin should be a no-brainer.

Inspired by the architecture behind all good 4chan-style imageboard scripts, this system replaces the extremely server-intensive calls to a PHP script on every refresh with a static HTML file that is rewritten when someone posts a message. Where previously maybe 10 or 20 people could chat on a low refresh time like 1 or 2 seconds without having an effect on server load and site speed, now most servers should have absolutely no problem handling hundreds of concurrent users.App Widgets are miniature application views that can be embedded in other applications (such as the Home screen) and receive periodic updates.These views are referred to as Widgets in the user interface, and you can publish one with an App Widget provider.By contrast, the free version of Taiga Chat is largely unsupported - all future updates will be channelled into Taiga Chat Pro.You are also buying into tried and tested technology - Taiga Chat was one of the first major Xen Foro addons and has existed since the first beta versions of Xen Foro, with constant updates ever since.

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