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Dozens of women have driven and posted during the latest campaign, one activist said, although she knew of only two who hit the streets on Saturday and Sunday as the campaign peaked."A day hasn't gone by without receiving one or two videos" of women driving, said the activist.Human rights group Amnesty International has urged Saudi Arabian authorities not to carry out the sentence, and Saudi Arabia's National Society for Human Rights called for the punishment to be reconsidered, according to statements from both groups.Al-Watan, which first reported the sentence, said the girl struck the headmistress on the head with a glass after a confrontation over the confiscation of the girl's camera-equipped cell phone. Saleh Al-Khaslan, a spokesman for the Saudi Arabian rights group, told CNN the penalty was too severe.(CNN) -- A schoolgirl in Saudi Arabia has accepted her sentence of 90 lashes and two months in prison for assaulting her headmistress after a confrontation over a cell phone, according to Saudi daily newspaper Al-Watan.

means that women are required to have a male chaperone or driver in order to travel anywhere outside their homes. But often they are recruited as employees; they live in the household and juggle more than one individual’s daily schedule.

For decades, the restriction has kept Saudi Arabia’s women largely out of the workforce and, in some cases, confined to their homes.

In this society, Uber has the potential to overcome many of the accessibility hurdles facing Saudi women. *** , or edict, issued in 1990 by Shaikh Abdel Aziz Bin Abdallah Bin Baz, which prohibited women from driving within the borders of the kingdom.

Not for her words, but because she said them from behind the wheel of a car.

Still today, Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world that does not permit women to drive, a cultural edict that has left women largely reliant on men to chauffeur them around.

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