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(all the way ohhh) but because it was late already we went to Ikeja Mall, the first person I met was Biodun and we took a photo together! I met other people but I was too busy hustling for my spicy goat meat from Sumptious Meals to take photos!I love my readers...are all awesome, warm friendly people! Since only one adult can enter, we the egbons (seniors) sat outside by Melting Moments to have some ice cream and just relax. On Sunday we carried ourselves to Labule…is this becoming an obsession? This time I had Egusi and Fufu with goat meat and Ponmo, Bobo had Yam porridge with that big dried catfish. Thank you to all who entered…wish everyone could win it! After lunch we went to see my friend Tomi aka Clarine, she was having her birthday getstogeda…so we went to join in. My birthday is coming up oh..October, 19th precisely, do I have any birthday mates?! Please let me know if you have awesome ideas for my birthday because I think I'm stuck!Before I get started with this life changing report, I need to be sure that I have your full attention.Please, drop whatever it is you are doing right now.”…well, I can think of a very smart retort but I shall not sweat it. I tatafo’d to his desk the other day and I saw a box of very yummylicious looking cupcakes, with a note on it: signed, sealed delivered by his babe.When I mentioned how nice she was he proceeded to tell me some more romantic things she does for him, so if you’re one of those unromantic Naija babes and you want to learn, take notes! Tweet Surprise Him: By surprise I’m talking pleasant surprises, not the “I can’t find my period “ surprise, you better look for where you kept it. Those impromptu things are very nice, imagine how he will feel if you surpised him with lunch at work and a beautiful note…

The website address is name is Aderonke Bamidele and I am a Graduate of Geology, Unilorin.Buy Him Gifts: Not because it's his birthday, I know some girls na aka gum, nothing dey fit comot their pocket.They have money oh but can never never never buy something good for their guy.Why not buy him a lovely scented perfume, just because. Take Him Out: Yes, he cannot be the one taking you out every day, kilode?!Or buy him a tie, a belt, pair of shoes, packet of handkerchief just because... It’s not everyday you will be collecting recharge card. The shirt my colleague was wearing that day, who buy am? You can google what movies are showing and hand him tickets to the cinema, for the both of you! In fact, GLO texts me more than my family and friends. Let him tell you about why he prefers Arsenal to Man United.

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I tweet updates about the location of the bus from time to time.

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