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Fin, Sonny, and Rollins are spending their weekend at a video game expo, checking out new video games amidst crowds of gaming fans.As they make their way through the booths, the men explaining gamer lingo to a clueless Rollins, they come across Leslie Connolly, the male nanny from the Glagow Man case who created a video game from his drawings.This tutorial provides a simple example of a single linear accessory being attached to a character, then having its roots and puppet behavior assigned.Keep in mind that every accessory is different, so the bone hierarchy of your accessory may not be this simplified. These tutorials will guide you step by step to learn all the basics and some cool applications of using the Avatar Toolkit to create your own puppet-ready characters and props. To know the overall topics of Avatar Tookit tutorials, please click here.

Despite his supercentenarian age and his apparent frailty, Bumi was an earthbending master and quite fit for his old age, at one point claiming himself to be "the most powerful earthbender you'll ever see".Bumi's eccentricity arose out of the fact that he always kept his mind "open to the possibilities".As a child, Bumi decided to use the Omashu delivery system as a chute ride, for which Aang dubbed him "a mad genius", a name that Bumi seemed to appreciate.Bumi was the wild-eyed, eccentric, elderly King of Omashu.As a child, Bumi had been a close friend of Avatar Aang and he remained Aang's only friend from before the Hundred Year War confirmed to still be alive.

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