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We haven’t even sat down for the interview and Noel Gallagher is off on one.

‘I won’t be walking around with bags of dog shit,’ Gallagher, 47, is huffing to the room.

This is not a fake-out or a misdirection, nor is it a seemingly straightforward statement that actually means its opposite. “I don’t listen to anything,” he tells me from a greenish couch inside 5150, the expansive home recording studio built on his seven-acre residence in Studio City, Calif.

I’d just asked if he ever revisits old Van Halen albums, but his disinterest in those records is merely the tip of a very weird iceberg: Unlike every other musician I’ve ever met, he does not listen to any music he isn’t actively making.

And you’ll notice that massive lipstick mark on his cheek too.The guitarist maintains that the last album he purchased was Peter Gabriel’s , when it came out in 1986.He’s not familiar with the work of Radiohead, Metallica or Guns N’ Roses.engagement finger: Sound the baseless speculation klaxon!She’s currently going out with San Antonio Spurs basketball star David Lee, but no actual news on any pending engagement has come out – just hundreds of comments on Facebook and Twitter about the curious placement of the ring on Saturday of all days.

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The actress is currently filming Aquaman in Australia, and on Sunday she took a well-deserved break for an afternoon adventure with the billionaire Tesla founder.

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