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If you have any questions regarding this position, please contact Dr. The University of Toronto Department of Psychiatry Mental Health and Addictions Acute Care Alliance Medical Director Reporting to the Mental Health and Addictions Acute Care Alliance (the Alliance) Management and Steering Committees, in this part time (0.2 FTE) position, you will have accountability for leadership and advice on issues related to project development, medical clinical practice, and for developing and fostering academic and research activity across the Alliance.You have a medical degree with specialist certification in psychiatry, are licensed with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, and are eligible for an appointment with the Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto.Under the leadership of King Mohammed VI and the last four US Administrations, the US-Morocco relationship has advanced on political, economic, social, and security fronts, highlighted namely by a joint commitment to combating terrorism, the designation of Morocco as a non-NATO Ally, the signing of the 2004 Free Trade Agreement and the establishment of two Compacts with the Millennium Challenge Corporation.

Negotiations began in 1783, and resulted in the signing in 1786 of the Moroccan-American Treaty of Friendship.(1904–05) by discouraging France, Russia’s European ally, from entering the war on the Russian side.It was renewed in 1905 and again in 1911 after Japan’s annexation of Korea.Morocco and the United States of America share a close and steadfast transatlantic relationship and have relentlessly allied their efforts to defend their shared values of freedom, democracy, tolerance and peace during both World Wars, the Cold War and in various coalitions such as the first Gulf war as well as in the fight against terrorism and violent extremism.With shared interests and common values, Morocco and the United States of America are also working together to promote regional security, create economic opportunities prosperity and address pressing global challenges in the Middle East and Africa. S.-Moroccan relations have been considerably strengthened marked by a large number of visits between high officials of the two countries (See Timeline of US-Morocco relations).

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