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While most Indian men will consider themselves lucky after bagging a single date, this man from Chennai has been on 110 dates in just 4 months starting from 1st January 2015, and plans to do a total of 365 dates before the year ends.

Meet Sunder Ramu who has managed to persuade over a hundred pretty women to go on a date with him. He has one rule – that the women take him out and pay for the meal. And women from different fields have taken him out on a date. To be dating so many women without spending a single penny!

After a beta test that began in October 2010, Microsoft launched Office 365 on June 28, 2011, as a successor to Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (MSBPOS), originally aimed at corporate users.

She made a home-cooked lunch for him, and they ate the meal sitting under the shade of trees in the apartment compound where Sunder resides.

The mother of three was thrilled to share a meal with a man she had seen on television, and apologized for not wearing anything fancy.

The scientists estimate that such a large uplift is only likely to occur once in 5,000 years; however, the other segments of the fault could slip on a similar scale—and this could happen every 800 years or so.

It is unsure whether "one of the contiguous patches might slip in the future." Historians continue to debate the question whether ancient sources refer to a single catastrophic earthquake in AD 365, or whether they represent a historical amalgamation of a number of earthquakes occurring between AD 350 and 450.

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In accordance with the conditions and requirements of subsections (a) through (d) of section 119, a national application shall be entitled to the right of priority based on a prior filed international application which designated at least one country other than the United States.

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  1. En español | Whether you're newly single and a bit rusty, or you have been dating for a while, you probably joined a dating website hoping to meet someone special.